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Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the terms informing website users of the aspects of acquiring, processing, using and securing any and all website user data.

By using the website of Private Equity Managers S.A., Users accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. If Users do no accept any of the terms set out herein, they are requested not to use the service.

As part of the basic functionalities of the website, we do not collect any personal data or obligate users to provide it. Within system logs, we only collect system information directly related to visiting the website, e.g. the IP of the computer from which the website is accessed.


In order to make website use more convenient, mainly by adapting website appearance to User preferences, browser type and preferred language, we reserve the right to collect additional data (sent by the browser as a standard procedure) and use cookies. We may use the data collected in this way to conduct analyses of content attractiveness and other statistics.

Personal data processing

As part of certain functionalities available on the website, we can obtain and collect contact and other data which is legally considered personal data subject to special protection. When such data is collected, the User shall each time be informed of their rights, as well as of the scope and purpose of the processing of such data. The User shall provide us with their data on a voluntary basis by authorising its processing to a specific extent. Whenever personal data is processed, Private Equity Managers is guided by the provisions of the Polish Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 2002, no. 101, item 926, as amended).

Each User who has provided their personal data has the right to:

  • Access such data,
  • Amend it,
  • Update it,
  • Supplement it,
  • Demand that its processing be discontinued,
  • Object to the processing of the personal data under Article 32(1)(7) and (8) of the Personal Data Protection Act.

The Personal Data Controller is Private Equity Managers with its seat in Warsaw.

Personal data protection

The data provided by the Users, as well as any system logs and other data generated automatically during the use of our service:

  • Shall be stored in a secure location,
  • Shell be processed using the technical and organisational means required by legal regulations to ensure their protection,
  • Shall not be made available to any third parties without a relevant consent,
  • Shall be protected from unauthorised access pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act.

Links to other websites

The website of Private Equity Managers S.A. may include links to other websites and website components which contain third-party mechanisms and content. It must be remembered that we do not control such websites and that this Privacy Policy shall under no circumstances apply to any such websites. We encourage users to read the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer


The Administrator reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy.

Glossary of terms

Personal data – all data concerning a natural person which enable such person to be unambiguously identified.

Cookies – small text files saved by the web browser on the user’s local disk, whose content is transferred by the visited server. The files may be read by the server when the server’s website is revisited.

System logs – files containing a chronological record of the server’s events, including, without limitation, the date, time and IP related to a particular visit on the server’s website.