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Rzeczpospolita: Top deck reshuffling in listed companies

The Supervisory Boards of MCI Management S.A (MCI) and Private Equity Managers have changed the composition of the companies’ Management Boards. Tomasz Czechowicz is the new President of the former, while Cezary Smorszczewski has taken the lead in the latter.

“Changes in the positions of Presidents of MCI and PEM will drive the performance of the group as a whole and will be beneficial to both companies”, says Cezary Smorszczewski. “When I was taking the office of the President at MCI, I declared that I would improve the company’s value and transparency. These goals have been achieved. MCI’s market cap has increased by half. We succeeded with our PEM offering and we effectively separated the two companies”, says Cezary Smorszczewski.

What will be Mr Czechowicz’s priorities in the management of MCI Group? “Continuing and consistent growth in net asset value per share (NAV) and bringing the market value discount of MCI down to NAV”, the MCI President replied.

The article was published in Rzeczpospolita on 18 June 2015.

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