Professional management

of alternative assets of the Private Equity type

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Private Equity Managers (PEM)  |  35,00 PLN  |  -1,50 PLN  |  -4,11%

Funds Under Management


Ventures 1.0 sub-fund

A private equity sub-fund investing assets into medium-sized TMT, financial and business services, e-commerce, distribution, BPO and infrastructure companies that enjoy an established market position or are leading players in their respective businesses, from Poland, CEE and Turkey. The investments feature a more stable rate of return and lower investment risk than venture capital investments.



Ventures 1.0 sub-fund

The sub-fund focuses on investments in growth-stage companies in the following sectors: web and telecommunications services, mobile services and technologies (B2C), digital media and e-commerce, wireless technologies, software and IT, not listed on the regular market, with a high expected rate of return and lower risk than early stage businesses. The investments are carried out in CEE countries, Western Europe, Turkey and Russia.

2.0 FIZ

The fund specializes in debt instruments: mezzanine with preference for technology companies, venture debt for venture capital/growth funds, high yield bonds and closed/open end investment fund bonds. The fund additionally invests its capital in other categories, such as debt/senior debt money, bills of exchange.


Helix Ventures

The Fund invests in early stage projects in sectors of advanced IT technologies and electronics on the Polish market, with a focus on cloud computing, internet, software, mobile and wireless technologies (B2B). The Fund was established with the financial support from KFK. The duration of the Fund was fixed at 10 years.



The Fund invests in such sectors as: electronic media, e-commerce, web and wireless (mobile) technologies and services, early stage and growth companies with prospects for success on the Polish, European and global market. Established by MCI Capital TFI together with Krajowy Fundusz Kapitałowy and IIF S.A. The target value of capital engaged in the Fund’s investments is PLN 100 million.

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Private Equity

Means the process of acquiring shares in companies that are not listed on regulated public markets, with the intention to resale the shares for profit in the future.

The market has been functioning in its current form for more than 30 years. Individual funds have their own investment policies, often giving preference to certain industries, regions or stages of enterprise growth.

Venture Capital is a variety of Private Equity that involves investing in businesses in early growth stages.

The specific nature of PE funds is that during the investment (which lasts 3 to 7 years on average), they assist the businesses with their expertise and build enterprise value, in order to realize their profit upon exit.

PE/VC capital is most often provided
to businesses to fund:

Working capital
& Acquisitions

Advantages of PE/VC funds

  • In the long term, PE/VC funds have achieved higher returns in relation to the performance of investments in companies listed on the stock market – both in Europe and in the U.S.
  • “Stock picking” – one of the key assets of good fund managers is the ability to select such portfolio companies that are characterized by a strong growth potential.
  • PE/VC managers are rewarded for the profits that they generate for their investors, and therefore are motivated to maximize their performance.
  • Portfolio diversification – due to the low correlation between PE/VC returns and public listed shares, portfolio fluctuations and exposures can be mitigated by selecting a wide variety of portfolio instruments.
  • In contract to typical financial investors, which are passive, PE/VC funds are active investors.
  • Owing to close cooperation with portfolio companies (strategy, selection of top executives, mergers and acquisitions), a PE/VC fund can be more flexible in its approach to company management and can have a significant impact on the development focus, and thus on the future value of the company.

Investment stages

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Private Equity Venture Capital Buyout Seed Start-up Growth Buy-outs Age of the company
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